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Thomas County Schools – Anderson Wins Best of Show

Artwork in the Plantation Wildlife Festival Junior Art Contest had to be based on the “Game Birds in Flight” theme.   A maximum of 50 entries, from grades 7-12 were accepted for exhibition.  TCCHS had eight works selected this year.  The overall “Best of Show” winner was Central’s Sophomore Sophie Anderson for her “Wild Pheasant” in

WCTV – Georgia Festival to Benefit Children

By: Emily Johnson November 17, 2013 Thomasville, GA – Families gathered for the final day of the 18Th Annual Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville Sunday afternoon. Proceeds from the three day festival will benefit the Thomasville Center for the Arts, which helps with children and adult activities. “Everything that is raised by the Plantation

Under the Magnifier – A Great Weekend at the Plantation Wildlife Art Festival

Wow . . . we just enjoyed another busy and fun filled weekend! Quite early last Thursday morning, we left the frigid 20 something degree temperatures in the Smokies, and headed for southern Georgia. Our destination was Thomasville, where the 18th Annual Plantation Wildlife Art Festival was taking place in the historical, beautiful Cultural Center. A little over

Celebrating the Outdoor Lifestyle – Kevin’s Catalog

Eighteen years ago, two patrons of the arts and outdoor enthusiasts transformed Thomasville, Georgia into a national center for the arts, in celebration of the outdoor lifestyle.  Now a nationally renowned wildlife arts festival, the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival  appropriately coincides with the opening of quail hunting season.   The quail defines much of the southwest region

Covey Rise – An Annual Southern Classic

The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival has become one of the largest and most recognized wildlife-arts exhibitions in the country. But it is not just the show itself that brings people back to the Thomasville area every season. The second night of the Festival becomes what might be the most memorable part of the entire weekend:

Explore Georgia – Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival was inspired by the history of Thomasville’s vibrant plantation community. Throughout the ante- and post-bellum periods, sporting and wildlife artists enjoyed the patronage of Thomasville’s plantation families, often journeying to the plantations to observe wildlife, enjoy the sporting culture, and practice their craft. The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival was designed

Speaker lineup for festival set

November 11, 2013 Staff report CNHI THOMASVILLE — As the crisper air reminds area residents know that it is indeed fall, so does the excitement around town as the signs and posters go up, and volunteers ready themselves for another great weekend of wildlife art and outdoors entertainment. The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival begins this

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

Saturday, Nov 16 10:00a to 5:00p More dates & times (1) Thomasville Center for the Arts Thomasville, GA Celebrating the Sporting life through art, the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival brings over 65 of the nation’s top names in wildlife and sporting art to Thomasville, and welcomes wildlife conservation speakers such as Jim Fowler of Mutual